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Singers, actors and opera performers are enjoying Grether's Pastilles. Also people with throat issues, such as Dry Mouth Syndrome or post Cancer  Patients. People with a Cold or a Sore Throat find the Pastilles very effective at calming the pain. Last but not least, a lot of us eat them casually, and are Grether's Pastilles Lovers!!!!
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Grether's Black Currant Sf 15.5Oz Grether's Black Currant Reg 15.5Oz Grether's Blueberry Sf 3.75Oz
Grether's Black Currant Reg 2.1Oz Grether's Black Currant Sf 2.1Oz Grether's Red Currant Sf 2.1Oz
Grether's Elderflower Sf 2.1 Oz Grether's Swissherbs Clear Voice Vegan Sugar Free Pastilles Grether's Swissherbs Pastilles Clear Voice Vegan And Sugar Free Formula For Dry Mouth And Sore Throat Relief, Blackcurrant, 30 Soft Pastille Pack (3 Pack)
Grether's Black Currant Sugar Free  110g/3.75z Grether's Red Currant Sf 3.7Oz (110Gr) Grether's Black Currant Reg 3.7Oz
Grether's Black Currant Regular 100g/ 3.5Oz Grether's Elderflower Sugar Free 110g/ 3.75oz